What a beautiful bed and breakfast

This was our second time staying at The Bedford! What a beautiful bed and breakfast. The hand-painted artwork on the walls is stunning and I love the two huge staircases that greet you as you enter. Clean and comfy, warm and friendly. Archie, the owner, serves a delectable array of breakfast items for your enjoyment as well as tea time snacks. He helped us with our dinner reservation as well. Very accommodating in every way. Gorgeous interior! Highly recommend The Bedford Inn!!


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This is our new “clubhouse” in Cape May.

Archie and his staff do everything to make your stay as comfortable as possible. The breakfasts are absolutely fabulous (decadent French toast, pineapple crumble, Cape May Eggs … just leave your calorie counter at home!) and tea in the afternoon (a fresh baked good, a savory snack, and tea and wine) is always a welcome break in the day. Rooms are pretty without being fussy and the location is great.


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